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Yuexinghua Stainless Steel Products Co. Ltd
Established: 1993
Work Force: 700 - 800
Area: 5,000 square meters
Facilities: High pressure impact bonding machine
  In house tri-ply cladding facilities
Competence: Impact bonded encapsulated cookware
  Copper sandwich and copper base manufacturing
  Porcelain enamel and silicone spray painting
  Multiply Cookware on stainless steel
United Pacific Flatware Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Established: 1995
Work Force: 700 íV 800
Area: 25,000 Square meters
Facilities: Automatic 2 dimension welding machine
Competence: Heavy gauge stainless steel cutlery
  High pressure hot forging line
  Hollow handle knives
Zhao Qing United Pacific Metalware Factory Ltd.
Established: 2001
Work Force: 500 íV 600
Area: 20,000 square meters
Facilities: In house non-stick coating line
Competence: Non-stick cookware and aluminium induction cookware
  In house porcelain enamel and spray coating line
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