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Forged Aluminium with Induction Base

Traditionally, cast aluminium is regarded as the best quality aluminium cookware due to sufficient thickness of the aluminium at the base of cookware allowing good heat transfer, while a thinner wall minimizes the overall weight of the pots and pans. In the past, this product range has been rather costly to produce due to its high production technology, aluminium products can now be manufactured by forging, which gives the same features as cast aluminium but at much more affordable production costs. At the same time, cookware with induction capabilities has become widespread as a result of the ever-rising popularity of induction hobs. This ensures forged aluminium products with induction bases a unique place in the future cookware market.

In our aluminium cookware factory, our technical experts have successfully adopted techniques for producing forged aluminium products with 18/0 impact-bonded bases, which continue to be supplied in large quantities to our customers.
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